Autonomy is a vehicle subscription service and pioneer of the Car-as-a-Service concept—with a special focus on electric, battery, and zero-emissions sectors. With a fleet of 23,000 Tesla Model 3 & Y’s, their mission is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles nationwide.

As a dynamic and forward-thinking start-up, their goals were ambitious—and relied on driving targeted SEO traffic to their subscription website. But they couldn’t get there themselves.

Autonomy hired Ben in their start-up phase to optimize their online presence and set them up for success from day one. Ben’s challenge was to start from scratch, building a complete, professional SEO department from the ground up. This meant embedding himself in Autonomy’s organization, working as a team member and training key stakeholders and staff.

Ben stepped in to lead the interview and hiring of an SEO copywriting team. He performed in-depth market, keyword, and competitive research to identify important insights that would form the bedrock of the company’s SEO content strategy, and developed a best-practices guide for the writing team. He took a hands-on role in reviewing articles for the company’s blog, generating SEO-savvy content ideas, and optimizing content and metadata before publication. He also served as an expert guide to the PR and Comms teams, reviewing press releases and messaging.

In addition to leading the creative strategy, Ben worked closely with front-end developers to guide new site mockup development, overseeing UX/UI design, keyword placement, and internal linking strategy. He developed a custom dashboard in Google Data Studio to streamline KPI monitoring for key stakeholders, and optimized the company’s YouTube channel to ensure optimal positioning for YouTube SEO.

Conducting an in-depth analysis of Autonomy’s online properties, Ben was able to identify and resolve numerous issues that were negatively affecting the company’s SEO, including mobile site speed, content delivery network (CDN) issues, server load times, browser caching, scaling images, crawlability, and more—affecting both back-end performance and front-end user experience. Ben guided the full-stack and back-end development teams in handling these critical issues.

In the weeks and months after Ben came onboard, Autonomy’s subscriptions grew exponentially—from a handful per month to thousands. After six months, daily traffic had increased 811.9%–with a 96.2% increase in organic search traffic over the previous year, representing millions in revenue growth. With Ben’s help, Autonomy currently sits at the top 3 rankings for over 100 target terms.

96.2% increase in organic search traffic over the previous year, representing millions in revenue growth.

Today, Autonomy is one of the leading car subscription services in the country, and it’s well on its way to supporting the adoption of EV and other low-emission vehicles. Its strong SEO positioning is the key to its success.


increase in organic
search traffic


increase in traffic

Top 3

rankings for over
100 target terms