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Rank Smart has a combined 23 years experience working in SEO, Paid Search, Internet Marketing, Content Development, Business Consulting, Domain Investment, and Start Ups.

Meet the team



    Founder, President

    Ben is the founder and president of Rank Smart. He is a veteran pioneer of the SEO industry with over 14 years of work experience under his belt. He has been working with computers and the internet since he was very young. He started his adverture on the internet with a 4800 baud modem and a list of BBS (bulletin boards) back in the early 90's. He founded Rank Smart in 2004 after years working at several other SEO companies and seeing a big need for direct and personal organic SEO services that could be offered to business owners struggling to figure out how to get improve their rankings. Before Rank Smart, Mr. Pfeiffer helped co-found and lead several search optimization and consulting teams at GlobalPromoter.com and TurboPromoter.com, the first full service SEO project management application. The company was purchased by Web Sourced, Inc. in 2004. Ben has been involved with internet marketing and SEO/SEM professionally since 2000. Ben is also active in the online education, medical training, and lead generation space actively succeeding in marketing and selling several very large websites over the last couple years. In 2006, Ben successfully sold one of his startups to publicly traded Quinstreet, Inc. The site was ranked by Quantcast as a Top 5000 Site. Ben helped pay for his college education by offering search engine optimization services to small businesses. His first real paying client paid him $24.95 for optimization of a 5 page website in 2000. Things have come a long way since then.

  • Shannon Woodruff

    Shannon Woodruff

    Vice President of Social Media & Communications

    Shanon is a master of the written word. He manages the day to day operations of new content development and communications. He oversees all critical changes and has an active part in analyzing blocks of data and employing proven SEO methodologies to help rank the content in the search engines. Shanon recently completed his M.A. in Rhetoric and Professional Communications from New Mexico State University, where he discovered and developed his love of writing for the web. While working on his education, Shanon held a number of occupations, the most exciting being his work as an Archaeologist in Pompeii, Italy and El Paso, Texas. Now, he happily spends his days writing, designing, and editing web content.

  • Jennifer Williamson

    Jennifer Williamson

    Director of Content Marketing

    Jennifer is a our head copywriter and director of content marketing strategies. She began working with Rank Smart in 2007 and has become a vital part of the company's success. She is without a doubt one of the most talented writers Rank Smart has ever worked with. Jennifer currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. Lawrence University in 2001, and has done writing for a variety of businesses and nonprofits.

  • Jeff Cooper

    Jeff Cooper

    Director of Research

    Jeff has been an intregal part of Rank Smart since the very beginning doing work on its various websites and client websites. Jeff is native Texan originally from College Station, Texas with a web background in XHTML/CSS programming, database management, content management systems and internet research. He hold a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with honors from Texas State University. He attended Stanford University in San Jose, California getting a Masters in Music Technology.